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GL events is proudly delivering overlay at multiple venues for Birmingham 2022

If you don’t work in the world of events, you may be forgiven for not being entirely sure what overlay is. Look it up in a dictionary and it is defined as anything which is superimposed over something else – literally “overlaid”.

In 2016, The Department for Trade defined it as “the design, planning, installation and removal of all the temporary infrastructure and services needed to deliver major one-off sporting events.” So essentially, it means the creation of temporary venues and the installation of temporary elements and commodities that are needed to convert existing and new venues into event-ready ones.

The elements which make up the overlay for an event, are therefore by nature specific to the event itself and defined by the venues being used. Some elements are pretty universal and include temporary buildings or “tents”, demountable spectator seating, cabins (including toilets and concessions), fencing, flooring and trackway, lighting and rigging. And some are bespoke, being defined as venue specific projects – we will tell you more about these in relation to Birmingham 2022 as we begin the delivery phase of the project!

Most overlay commodities are removed at the end of an event and redeployed elsewhere – returning the facility or venue to its original state. There are also a few overlay commodities which are by nature a little more permanent – this mainly relates to any groundworks which are required to be undertaken as part of the project, to get venues ready to accommodate other overlay commodities. These are usually permanent and can be seen as part of the event’s legacy plan. Legacy is the long-term positive impact the event has on the host area culturally, economically and physically – such as improvements in infrastructure.

Part of the overlay delivery for Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, is also taking on the role of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, to control the construction phase of the project involving more than one contractor. This is a crucial role in the delivery of the event as it involves managing health and safety risks during the construction phase and complying with the Principal Contractor obligations defined within the CDM Regulations 2015.

We will be sharing more detail on the project and the work involved in bringing each of the commodities to life, as our planning continues during 2021, and our delivery gets underway in 2022!

Meet our Birmingham 2022 Project Team!

Our Project Team is led by some of GL events’ most experienced Commercial and Project Managers, supported by an internal Project Steering Committee and supplemented by leading freelance delivery professionals from within the UK events industry. The Team benefits from invaluable input from the Group’s Design, Marketing, HR, Quality and Sustainability teams, both in terms of operational project delivery and in the delivery of our Social Value commitments.

Scott Jameson

Steering Committee

David Tunnicliffe

Steering Committee

Tom Alldread

Project Director

Tyron Harris

Quantity Surveyor

James Gibson

Cluster Operations Manager

Helen Lea

Cluster Project Manager

Paul Kirkwood

Design Manager

Rob Haworth

Health & Safety Manager

Steve Collins

Quality, Sustainability & Environment

Dan Black

Finance, Procurement & QS

Rachel Baker

Director of Marketing & CSR

Claudia Ebanks

Project Scheduler

Jack Tyler

Project Scheduler

Abigail Edwards

Project Co-ordinator

Jessica Taylor

Project Co-ordinator

Chris Rhodes

Project Manager

Mike Mouzourides

Structural Engineer

Josie Frater

Digital Marketing

Ian Brooks

Special Projects Manager

Will Kibble

Senior IT Support Analyst

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