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It is no secret that IT plays an essential part in our modern society, reiterated by the anomaly that is the COVID-19 Pandemic. This makes technology more important than ever particularly when delivering infrastructure to a multi-national sporting event such as the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.  One of the key members on the IT team for GL events UK, is Senior IT Support Analyst, Will Kibble. With his friendly manner and endless phone alerts, Will is clearly a fundamental part of keeping the essential tech working behind the scenes.

There are still several months ahead before the impending Games come to fruition. Yet, thus far, Will has already sustained extensive responsibilities on this project. This includes what he describes as IT Infrastructure and Site Interconnectivity. “My role so far has involved IT set-up for employees in the new Birmingham office, the main base for The Commonwealth Games. Overall, that’s meant supporting their IT needs and getting everyone’s systems working – liaising with the office building’s IT team to instigate the Wi-Fi systems. It was good to get things kick-started.” With this, Will looks ahead to his future tasks.  “In the long term, my role is also to adapt the current workflows associated with the app we use for Health and Safety – WorkMobile – to better-fit the larger scale Birmingham 2022 project.”

Indeed, global, mainstream sporting events are viewed by a sizeable percentage of the British public. While watching The Olympics and The Commonwealth Games of the past, Will gained an awareness of the intrinsic value that these events have for society. “I think it brings the community together. You can sense that there’s an atmosphere already building in Birmingham, and pride from the county it’s being held in. I’m from Derby and it would be great if something like this happened there so I assume it’s the same for the people here! Of course, it also puts the area on the map.”

GL events UK’s commitment to Social Value is not only evident via partnerships with fantastic local companies such as UCB. Staff members are able to offer their services for the Volunteer Programme during the Games. “I volunteered to work next year for Birmingham 2022 in IT which I’m looking forward to. GL events have been doing a lot to boost our Social Value and I wanted to be part of that.” At present, a few more staff members are due to be confirmed for the Volunteer Programme as the big day draws closer.

“Doing something that I can say I’m proud to work on, that is as valuable as the CWG, is what’s really important."

Will KibbleSenior IT Support Analyst - GL events UK

For many long-standing team members, Birmingham 2022 has impacted their careers at GL events UK in different ways. “For me, it’s brought another learning curve. I worked on The Glasgow Games but it was a joint venture so it wasn’t as large for GL events UK. Birmingham 2022 is are a lot closer to home with a bigger team which is really cool to be involved with.” Of course, in all departments there are various complications. “Outside of that, is the collaboration with the Birmingham 2022 staff, The Organising Committee (OC) and different suppliers in order to get things started. It’s quite a big project alongside our other existing ones so it’s a challenge but I like a challenge!

“Trying to spend enough time with the team can be tricky too as everyone’s really busy. I’ve shown my face more than I thought I would, so that’s been great, but more and more staff are joining the team. Overall, it’s just about keeping up with changes and keeping staff happy, while maintaining efficient time management. It’s a learning curve for whole department, but it’s going well.”

Will expressed that working on this project not only reminded him of the bigger picture, but reassured him of his decision to re-join GL events UK after previously leaving for a short period of time. “It’s been cool to visit Birmingham, as it’s a city I wouldn’t otherwise have visited much. But the part I’ve enjoyed the most so far, is being part of something that really matters. It’s great to be in the Events Industry regardless, as it’s quite fun being surrounded by events. But doing something that I can say I’m proud to work on, that is as valuable as the Commonwealth Games, is what’s really important. I missed the business when I left for a bit – it’s the people who made me come back.”

Information Technology has helped us all to preserve the most important value that has been diminished over the last two years – human connection. With this mighty tool at our literal fingertips and a team full of vitality, this event has the potential to be the most meaningful and unforgettable Commonwealth Games that the world has ever seen.