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Nottingham-born, Ian Brooks, is a Special Project Manager on the GL events UK team for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. Known for his down-to-earth manner and humorous witticisms, Ian fits effortlessly into this dynamic team.

Ian cites his main roles as being the delivery of the commodities and Overlay of temporary structures at the Alexander Stadium and Smithfield venues. Situated in the City Centre, Birmingham-dwellers may know that the latter of these sites is where the Smithfield Market once resided. These are the two biggest venue sites, with an amplified amount of responsibilities. Assuredly, with his ample experience in construction, Ian seems well equipped for this multifaceted role. Particularly, after his recent move back to the UK from working in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia on an important multimillion pound construction project. While working on Birmingham 2022 with GL events UK, Ian has discovered how much he enjoys the crossover between construction and the events world.

Of course, the connection that people have with the Commonwealth Games differs from person to person, though Ian had little hesitation in declaring his love for sport. “I’ve always liked football  – I often play five-a-side and I’m a big Nottingham Forest fan. I love running too; I did the London Marathon in 2007 and I still run now.”

Ian continues to describe the benefits of the Games from a Project Manager’s viewpoint. “All of the Commonwealth countries coming together through sport is such a unifying activity and for people who are interested in sports in particular, the event will bring a lot to the region.” He goes on to highlight the local benefit and why it is specifically important to Birmingham. “The Games will bring lots to the local area in terms of infrastructure improvements and employment. In fact, we’re utilising local labour and local suppliers – it would be no good having the Games here if the local community wasn’t benefitting. We’re putting things back into the community via volunteering which is a win-win situation for GL events UK, wider charities and community projects.”

My goal is to deliver the project safely, and to the required quality and budget, to make sure that the Games are 100% successful.

Ian BrooksSpecial Projects Manager - GL events UK

As with the nature of any role, Ian has faced numerous operational challenges since joining GL events UK’s Birmingham 2022 Project Team. “Due to joining the team slightly later than other members, there’s been a lot of information to catch up on. Alexander Stadium is a big site, and is where the opening and closing ceremonies will take place, so there’s lots of work going on that involves a number of different stakeholders. Things move very fast and at times there’s a change of scope: whereby certain elements are required, but later they’re taken out of the plan to better fit our goals and ultimately the needs of the client.”

Where his own goals are concerned, Ian’s vision is clear. “My primary goal is to deliver the project safely, and to the required quality and cost. Overall, we need to make sure that the Games are 100% successful for both Birmingham 2022 and the UK.”

With the opportunity to discuss his favourite part, Ian describes his enthusiasm for the progression of the project. “It’s the satisfaction of getting things done – when something’s been put to bed it’s a buzz. You get that same buzz when you get contractors on board and they’re signing on the dotted line and committing to dates. Nearer the end when the structures will be up, again, it will be really worthwhile.”

The anticipation that this multi-national event has created, grows throughout the team every day. It is expected that this excitement will transcend the nation, as the Opening Ceremony draws ever closer.