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GL events UK recognises its obligation to contribute to the wider community ahead of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and create a long-lasting legacy. Through our social value programme, we will provide our support to local charities and community organisations, with a focus on social change. All GL events UK personnel will be encouraged to get involved in the programme by dedicating their time and effort through a variety of volunteer activities.

The Canal & River Trust manages 3,219 kilometres (2,000 miles) of canals and rivers throughout England and Wales. The vision of the trust focuses on maintaining living waterways to protect local ecosystems and enrich lives of individuals who live beside these waterways.

In support of the remarkable work of the Canal & River Trust, GL events UK’s first day of volunteering involved participating in the Plastic Challenge, with the objective of collecting waste and reducing water pollution along a stretch of the Wednesbury Old Canal, Birmingham. Now, GL events UK is excited for the upcoming volunteer day, on the 24th of March. The project will involve GL events UK personnel planting new trees in central Birmingham in time for the bird nesting season and bat roosts.

Planting new trees as part of a groundbreaking linear orchard will not only help combat climate change, but also provide a rich biodiversity, which will allow the area to have a healthier ecosystem. Moreover, trees will be an important resource to improve people’s wellbeing.

GL events UK will also take part in numerous other volunteering opportunities with the trust throughout the year. This will help strengthen community awareness, connections, and engagement to create a more sustainable environment in the West Midlands.

The partnership between GL events UK and Canal & River Trust is now underway! Stay up-to-date on the latest news and volunteer events here, or for more information on Canal & River Trust initiatives, visit their website.