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As part of its social value programme for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, GL events UK is continuing to work with the impactful charity, Canal & River Trust.

This organisation looks after 2,000 miles of canals and rivers across England and Wales, with a commitment to maintaining waterways through caring for local environments and improving the wellbeing of surrounding communities; social and environmental objectives that are well aligned with those of Birmingham 2022.

On April 13th, GL events UK continued its proud partnership with Canal & River Trust, by supplying volunteers to take part in a day which involved fruit tree planting and graffiti removal at Cambrian Wharf in Birmingham.

Graffiti can be toxic to local ecosystems, as the aerosol sprays involved can contain volatile organic compounds. Its removal is intended to help deter further instances, which as well as helping to improve the aesthetic of the local area. These aims form part of Canal & River Trust’s Getting Games Ready initiative, which is focused on improving the environment in and around the West Midlands.

We were delighted to spend another day volunteering with Canal and River Trust, it was a truly uplifting and inspiring experience for the whole group!

Rachel BakerDirector of Marketing & CSR - GL events UK

Armed with paint rollers and graffiti removal sprays, GL events’ volunteers soon got to work on improving this area. Although typical of British weather, intermittent rain often restricted the team to areas under cover.

However, even in inclement conditions, the team of volunteers were able to assist with weeding and planting along the canalside, which included the introduction of strawberry plants, redcurrant and blackcurrant trees, and honeysuckle. Not only will these plants and saplings help to improve the aesthetic of the area, it’s hoped that some of the fruit trees will provide nourishment for local wildlife and maybe even the occasional passer-by.

GL events UK’s Director of Marketing & CSR, Rachel Baker, commented: “We were delighted to spend our latest volunteer day with Canal and River Trust at Cambrian Wharf, getting to experience the diversity of the canal network and its natural habitat. On this occasion we were privileged to work alongside the Wild in Brum group of community volunteers who have made such incredible progress in cultivating this environment.  Hearing the personal stories and journeys of its members was a truly uplifting and inspiring experience for our whole group!”

Weather permitting, GL events UK hopes to return to Cambrian Wharf in May, where it will assist Canal & River Trust with the maintenance of a lock flight and additional graffiti removal. For more updates on activities undertaken with social value partners, please click here.