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As the anticipation for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games continues, GL events UK announces the nomination of Jason Jameson as a Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay Batonbearer. Currently a Benefits Assessor for York City Council, Jason is an inspirational role model, having spent a number of years volunteering as a Baden-Powell Scouts’ Association Leader.

It was ten years ago when Jason decided to get more involved with the Scouts, intitially volunteering as a parent helper. In this role, he expected to spend more time with his children, who were members, but he could never have predicted that this would be the beginning of an entirely new chapter.

On thoroughly enjoying his experience of being a parent helper, Jason began helping once a week. Shortly thereafter, he supported the Beavers and Cubs sections, and jumped at the opportunity to become a leader. Now, he uses his guidance and ability to teach invaluable Scout skills to all age groups, from Beavers to Cubs, Scouts, and Seniors, through activities and adventures. Bestowed on members from an early age, key skills learnt whilst at Scouts can last a lifetime and will help young people achieve success as they progress into adulthood.

Community engagement

Jason reveals that Scouts plays an integral role in the community. The organisation brings people together and provides opportunities for young individuals to make a difference in the lives of those who surround them, through positive social interaction within their local community.  “As a group, we have engaged in various activities in our local community. For example, we teach Cubs and Beavers about our local area, including forests, trees, birds and other wildlife. In addition, when we carry out litter picks, people approach us and comment on the difference we make. They share their appreciation, and it is this community involvement that is important to us.”

The Commonwealth Games aims to bring people together and celebrate that everyone is part of one nation.

Jason JamesonScouts Leader - Baden-Powell Scouts’ Association

Overcoming challenges

Jason always strives to inspire others to achieve their best, regardless of what obstacles they may need to face and he hopes to motivate young people to take on their own challenges. “In May, we completed a Scout hike. Taking weeks of preparation, we taught the children how to orient a map, read coordinates from a grid and take bearings. Those navigation skills were put into practice on the day of the hike, which was amazing to see.”

“It was enjoyable to see one of the children navigating the whole route.  Every time I asked, “can anyone tell us where we are?” he would point out our location, exclaiming”we’re here!” proudly. It was great to see the positivity in him, having mastered the skills he’d been taught, whilst having fun at the same time. Also, with Scout hikes, usually when the children are getting older, I tend to step back a little bit and let them show the way, allowing them to exercise their own leadership qualities.”

Sports & weight loss journey

A dedicated runner and gym enthusiast, Jason has lost 5 stone in recent years and he reveals that sport has played a vital role in achieving his fitness and health and wellbeing goals.

Beginning his weight loss journey prior to the pandemic, Jason took the decision to join a local gym. However, a few months later, this facility – like  so many others – was shut down due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Unmovable in his mission, Jason decided to take up running instead.

“I love running and for it to be interesting, I’ll run along a route in one direction, then I might do it in reverse, just to mix it up a little bit! I tend to follow the routes I’m familiar with, because I have already established these distances. So, before I start running, I will plan out my route, for example, I might do 5 or 8 miles. This is something I have built towards over the past few years and as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Now, Jason is looking forward to his next journey, to carry the Baton in the Queen’s Baton Relay this summer. “I’m super excited to carry the Baton. The Commonwealth Games will bring people together as we celebrate that everyone is part of one nation.”