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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games is looking for volunteers to help ensure this exciting, globally-renowned event runs as smoothly as possible. To assist in the facilitation of the Games and honour their commitment to delivering local benefit, GL events UK is set to put forward personnel whom have offered their time and expertise to support the Games.

Currently, Birmingham 2022 is looking for volunteers to fulfil various roles such as in venue hosts and announcers to help create what is sure to be an inspiring event.

Birmingham 2022 will take place under the mantra ‘The Games for everyone’, with a key emphasis on reflecting the diversity of the region. With this in mind, people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and abilities are encouraged to get involved. If you would like to volunteer, or know someone who would love to take part, visit the official website of the Games to apply.

Stay tuned to find out more about the involvement of GL events UK’s volunteers and how they are impacting the Games, or click here for more updates on social value.